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The history of the formation of the Naga Students’ Federation (NSF) in 29th Oct 1947 is indeed a memorable process towards a noble aspiration of youth for solidarity and unity through a common platform.

The Formation of the NSF was neither due to sheer historical incidence nor a mere perfunctory action of the students but it was the educated Naga youth who felt the need for a collective body through which they could articulate their aspirations and at the same time respond to the issues confronting the students and the Nagas as a whole. However, till 1940’s there was no higher secondary school and very few middle schools were there in the then Naga Hills. Therefore those Naga youths who passed their middle schools had to go either to Jorhat, Guwahati, Shillong while a few ventured as far as Calcutta for further studies. It was the time when the Naga society was experiencing a new breeze of social revolution resulting across the entire Naga inhabited areas.

This has created a strong feeling of oneness among the different Naga tribal students at home and outside Naga Hills as well. Subsequently, in the year 1939, Naga Students’ Union Jorhat and Shillong were formed.
Sequel to the correspondence letter to all the Naga Students’ Union of forming the Naga Students’ Federation; a common platform for the Nagas by Mr. T.Aliba Imti on 26th March 1947, it is recorded that student leaders from Angami, Ao, Sema and Lotha tribes gathered at Kohima on May 7 1947 and decided to have the inaugural meeting of the Naga Students’ Federation on 17th May 1947. However, the proposed meeting could be held only on 29th to 30th Oct 1947 whereby NSF came into being under the Chairmanship of Mr. Z. Ahu.

The Second session of the NSF was held in Mokokchung from 13th to 15th Oct 1948. However, after the second session no student activities or organization was humanely possible due to the political crisis and the imposition of Army Rule in Naga Hills. Under the repressive policy of the Indian govt. let loose the reign of terror when almost every Naga youth was taken as rebel and hunted, tortured and humiliated. For this obvious reason and circumstances, NSF remained defunct for 17 long years.

Besides, the blank period lasting over a stretch of seventeen long years was the time when the Naga Independence movement was at its peak and the Indian Army repression was at its worst marked by mass grouping of the villages, shutting of schools and institution, destruction of properties, burning of villages and fields and so on. All life activities were adversely affected and everything was destroyed or left in shambles. Inspite of all this problems and difficulties, the ceaseless endeavour made by different individuals and groups have not completely frittered away and the NSF was again revived in 1965.

Though the NSF has had its share of ups and downs, Federation since its formation has played a pivotal role and many sacrifices has been made for the betterment and upliftment of Naga society. Perhaps, no stone was left un-turned as far as the issues related to the Nagas are concerned. Since the beginning, the NSF has been working singly or collectively in solidarity with similar organizations or otherwise in the North Eastern region in general and the Naga inhabited area in particular. However it was again dissolved due to lack of communication and understanding among the tribal students. With all these ups and downs, NSF finally came to its proper shape and form in 1971 and ever since the NSF played a pivotal role of being the custodian of the different Naga Students’ organization.

As a student community the Federation is committed to ‘Intellectual Fight’ against the forces that threatens our existence, right, freedom and identity. Therefore the Federation considers a moral obligation and duty to protect and thwart all the negative forces that hinders, counters or deludes the rightful aspiration of the Nagas.

Thus the Naga Students’ Federation will continue to champion and pioneer the cause of the Nagas till the ultimate aspiration is fulfilled. It does not matter how and when we do it but it does matter why we have to do it. Having realized this fact, the Federation has resolved to renew the commitment to all Naga people in all Naga areas, irrespective of the present artificial geo-political demarcation, to continue our solemn task for ‘Greater Lim and Glory of the Nagas’ in all sense of perfection.


Via: http://nagastudentsfederation.org

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