Development Authority Nagaland was constituted in 1976 in exercise of the powers conferred by Section 73 of the Nagaland Town and Country Planning Act 1966 (Nagaland Act of 1966). It has its Headquarter in Dimapur since 1978 & at the present Office in 2002. As Dimapur being the commercial hub of the State and the gate way of Nagaland and Manipur state, it holds a multitude of development challenges to its planners i.e. Development Authority Nagaland.It covers a total area of about 34 acres allotted by the Government.

The jurisdiction of Development Authority Nagaland covers the entire State of Nagaland and is under the overall control by the Urban Development Department. It is a Statutory Planning & Development body for the whole State and per the provision of the Act, it has the power to acquire and develop land and also undertake any other remunerative projects and function as a self financing body.

In the amendment Act. 1981 of the Nagaland Town & Country Planning the Development Authority Nagaland powers & functions were made more clear & defined with additional responsibilities.

Development Authority Nagaland was thus constituted for: –
1. Implementation of Master Plan for various urban areas in the State.
2. Social housing schemes including land development and disposal.
3. Construction of Hotels, Cinema halls, Market Complex and other urban infrastructure and any other project as directed by the Government.
4. To promote and enforce building bye laws for selected towns in the State.
5. To ensure construction work on behalf of the Government entrusted to the Authority.

The main objective of Development Authority Nagaland is to function as a revenue generating agency. The Corporation is recognized & capable to take up any project as a deposit work & for which agency charge is realized. In due course the corporation had found the opportunity to enter into competition through bidding in the contractual work with the general registered firms of other states at the organized Central Public Works Department (CPWD) in ICAR projects.

Gradually, the Development Authority Nagaland expanded its activities & as a result of not compromising with the workmanship and above all, works being completed in the allotted time, leading to attempting the activities beyond its parameter by stiff bidding competition for contractual works in Meghalaya, Assam and Nagaland.

The Corporation then later was recognized and also been awarded with contract work of Jawahar Navodaya Vidyalaya building projects in Nagaland.

Development Authority Nagaland is headed by a host of competent multidisciplinary expertise comprising of Engineers, Planners, Social Scientists and Architects etc and wishes to implement and ambitious growth plan for any development activities that may be awarded and come its way.

The Department looks after the Naga Shopping Arcade also known as Super Market in Dimapur and the Town Hall. The rent collected from these sources are used for salaries of staff and maintenance of the Market Complex.

Today, Development Authority Nagaland has been involved into wider spectrum and has achieved many milestones and also attained a commendable position.

Presently, it is envisaged to function as an Autonomous body under a Chairman who is a Member, Legislative Assembly nominated by the Government. The Vice Chairman is the Secretary, Urban Development Department, and the Secretary is a Joint Director deputed by its parent department i.e. Urban Development.

Development Authority Nagaland is been governed by a Board who is the sole Authority in the policy making. The members are as under: –
1. Hon’ble MLA. – Chairman.
2. Secretary, Urban Development. – Vice- chairman.
3. Finance Commissioner. – Member.
4. Secretary, Law & Justice. – Member.
5. Director, Urban Development. – Member.
6. Deputy Commissioner, Dimapur. – Member.
7. CEO, Dimapur Municipal Council . – Member.
8. Secretary, DAN. – Member Secretary.

Staffing pattern of Development Authority Nagaland
Development Authority of Nagaland (a Government of Nagaland undertaking) have 125 working staff with 101 staff working as a regular and 24 of them work-charge, fixed pay & contingency employees for different works at various places in Nagaland as well as in Assam and Meghalaya.

The Corporation is headed by a Chairman appointed by the Government from the elected Member of Legislative Assembly (MLA), Vice chairman is the Secretary, Urban Development Department, Nagaland & the post of Secretary is held by a Joint Director (Urban Development Department) on deputation from the parent department for sanction and executing all the Development activities that comes to the Development Authority of Nagaland.

In the Technical wing, there is one Superintendent Engineer, one Executive Engineer, 5 Assistant Engineer/SDO and 3 Section Officers (S.O) & other clerical staff to implement and execute the works. In the Establishment wing, the Executive Officer is the over all in charge to oversee the working system and welfare of the employees & also the Revenue branch. In the Accounts wings, Account Officer keep track of the deposits of Naga Shopping Arcade room rent and keeping finical records in proper order and also the revenue generated from other sources like agency charge from ICAR & JNV projects etc

Location of the Office:
The Office of the Development Authority Nagaland is located in Dimapur the commercial hub of the State, behind the Naga Shopping Arcade, Dimapur. The office has a well varnished Building structure with modern facilities. The present Office can be reached by taxi and auto from the Train and Bus station and is about 6 Km away from the Airport.

The Secretary,
Development Authority Nagaland
P.O Box no.-70, Naga Shopping Arcade
Nagaland: Dimapur, 797112
Ph: – (03862)229615
Fax: – (03862)224086

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