investment opportunities

Tourism :
The picturesque landscape of the hilly state of Nagaland and its manifold cultures and customs and the salubrious climate offer vast potential for development of Tourism Industry in the State.
Each of the 16 major tribe has their own distinctive colorful costumes, festivals, dances and music. Nagaland is aptly called “land of festivals”. The rich art and culture of the people is a major tourist attraction.
The Government of India’s decision to release the RAP will open new opportunities for development of tourism industry.

Opportunities exist in eco-tourism, adventure tourism, anthropological tourism and ethnic culture tourism, setting up of Tourist Resorts, Private Air Taxi Service, tour operation, Augmentation of present tourist facilities, etc. Existing tourist spots are:
* World War II Cemetery at Kohima
* Tourist village at Touphema
* Shilloi lake in Phek district
* Intangki Wildlife Sanctuary in Peren Sub-division
* Dzüleke river
* Saramati Peak in Tuensang district
* Japfü Peak in Kohima district
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Handloom & Handicrafts :
The main traditional crafts of the state are its rich handloom and handicraft, which have widespread appeal and demand in the domestic as well as offshore markets.
Traditional techniques for weaving on loin-looms or use of primitive tools are labor intensive and time consuming.
With the easy availability and applicability of modern techniques and tools, there is substantial scope for growth in this sector.

Agriculture and Allied Sector :
The agriculture and allied sectors in Nagaland offer good inputs for development of a host of industries which could include: Floriculture, Horticulture, Rubber plantation and allied industries, Sericulture, Tea cultivation and processing, Bamboo shoot preservation, Mushroom cultivation and processing, Piggery, Poultry, etc.

Horticulture :
Horticulture is considered to be the most suitable farming enterprise in the state. With favorable agro-climatic and geophysical conditions, it produces a variety of organic sub-tropical & temperate fruits & vegetables.
The total area available under horticultural crops is 6299 hectares and further area of around 4000 hectares is being brought under horticulture farming.
Presently most of the produce is marketed in the local markets leading to huge volume of surplus and wastage.
The Government of India accords top priority to preservation and processing of fruits and vegetables and has introduced several schemes of assistance for Fruits & Vegetable processing.

Animal Husbandry and Meat Processing :
Meat production is highly decentralized and there are no organized slaughterhouses. Meat (Beef, pork, poultry, mutton) consumption levels are high in Nagaland. However, local supplies are inadequate and there is inflow of animals from other states.
The State has high potential for diary and allied products as well as for processing of hides and skins for leather industry. Presently, scientific processing of Poultry and other meat products is lacking in the State.
There is huge scope for setting up modern abattoir and other meat processing units in the State for production and marketing of other value added diary products.

Sericulture :
The agro-climatic condition is very favorable for the development of Sericulture in the State. There are 34 Sericulture farms, which provide technical and other supports like training of farmers, distribution of improved varieties of saplings/seedlings/supply of disease free layings (DFLs) etc. The Government has identified Eri Culture as the thrust area for development of sericulture in the State by bringing 2000 acres of land under Eri culture in the next three years. Through this the production of cocoons is targeted to yield 80 MT.

Floriculture :
Floriculture can be taken up as a viable industry in the State. The wide variety of orchids available in the State can be exported to earn valuable foreign exchange. Many species of orchids are available in Nagaland, which has tremendous commercial potential. There is scope to grow exotic and new varieties of orchids through tissue. With the declaration of Guwahati as international Airport, cut flowers can also be exported from the State.

Forest based :
Nagaland is rich in forest produces such as timber, cane and bamboo, flora and fauna. Almost all the vacant fallow lands are being rapidly covered with various high value timber varieties as the people have fully realized the commercial and ecological importance of forests. Investment potential exists for setting up of farms for production and promotion of Non-wood timber products with efficient marketing network.

Bamboo based industries:
The North east region of India has the maximum concentration of bamboo in India owing to its climatic conditions. There is no dearth of bamboo. At present bamboo is put only to traditional use, handicrafts and paper making. Now the Government of India has announced the bamboo mission for promoting bamboo based industries in the North East Region. Machine made bamboo sticks, blades, ply, etc are some products, which has substantial potential.
There are 400 exporters in India who together export Agarbatti (or incense sticks) worth Rs.800 crores. Of late multinational companies have introduced machine made agarbatti for the India market. As a result all other leading Indian manufacturers are using machine made round bamboo sticks for making agarbatti. It is estimated that the present requirement of round bamboo sticks is 2000 tonnes per month.

Medicinal & Aromatic Plants:
With the favorable agro climatic conditions, Medicinal Herbs and Plants are abundantly available in the hilly regions of the State.
Medicinal Plants which could be considered for cultivation in Nagaland are Aconitum ferox, Aconitum heterophyllum, Aquilaria agallocha, Artemiszia annua, Dioscorea floribunda, Gloriosa superba, Hedychium spicatum, Lycopodium clavatum, Nardostachys jatamansi, Panax-pseudoginseng, Picrorhiza kurron, Piper longum, Piper nigrum, Podophyllum hexunddrum, Pogostemon cablin, Smilax china, Tagetes Minuta, Taxuz bacata and Valeriana wallichii. Scientific harnessing of this potential in the private sector can yield good results.
One of the most valuable medicinal plants commonly known as Ginseng, which has tremendous export potential is also found here.

Mineral resource :
Nagaland is rich in mineral resources. Explorations carried by the state Geology & Mining Department, Geological Survey of India, ONGC Ltd., Atomic Minerals Division and Central Ground Water Board have established the following mineral reserves which can be exploited for commercially purposes:
* Petroleum & Natural Gas
* High grade limestone
* Marble and dimensional/decorative stones
* Coal
* Nickel-Cobalt-Chromium bearing ore

The huge reserves of more than 1000 million tones of high chemical grade limestone in the eastern Nagaland is a major prospect for setting up of mineral resource based industries.

There is urgent need for enhancing the pace of exploration especially for the untapped potential for hydrocarbon deposits and metallic deposits by infusing both the latest technology and required funds from domestic and foreign investors. Although a number of mineral reserves have been proved in the State, its exploration have been delayed due to various constraints. Nagaland offers investment potentialities in terms of exploration as well as exploitation including development of mineral based industries, which have high export potential. The possibilities include multi-disciplinary explorations for precious metals in the Ophiolites and Fossil fuels in the Sedimentary basins. Evolving Metallurgical know-how for utilization of multi-metal deposits of Nickle-Cobalt-Chromium-Iron. Exploration and production of Oil & Natural Gas including setting up of Refinery, Petro-chemical Industries, gas based power generation, etc. and setting up of medium to large industries based on very high grade limestone/marble deposits.

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