Many have shared their opinion about the ENPO’s issue through daily publication. In this connection, while deeply studying about the background history of ENPO, I also would like to share my opinion with few facts that why the ENPO is willing to go back to their original stand as follows:-

1. That before the Britishers’ came to Naga country, there was no nomenclature in the like of NEFA or NHTA etc., but the people who are living in the present area of ENPO were known as free Nagas.

2. That after British regime came down to Naga country and with the advent of Christianity within the Naga inhabited area through the Americans, the Naga head hunting system was almost controlled and the majority of Nagas accepted Christianity. After that only communication among the Nagas slowly started, thus bringing the Nagas under one fold.

3. That after communicating among the different sections, the Nagas’ finally saw themselves that they were also no less than a country as others in the world and then started their demand for Independence through 1951 plebiscite based on 9 points memorandum of 1929 submitted to the British-Indian government by the Naga Club, whose nomenclature later changed to NNC.

4. That through the demand of Naga Independence, the people living in the present ENPO area joined the rest of the Nagas and named the Naga inhabited areas as “Nagaland” in place of NHTA.

5. That since Nagas became one, the nomenclature of Nagaland became very popular in the eye of the world.

6. That the people of NEFA came with a hope on the Nagas living in Naga hill areas and joined the Nagas and equally sacrificed a lot for the Naga Nation in order to achieve the Naga common goal, for the past more than 6 decades.

7. That however, the people of Nagaland called ourselves as Christian, but we have lost our oneness as before and divided ourselves into many factions – over ground or underground thereby killing one another and the possibilities of getting Independence was completely jeopardized. At present, there is no hope to find unity among Nagas.

8. That taking regards to the present ENPO issue, the lone Lok Sabha Member of Parliament from Nagaland CM Chang who is from ENPO area has miserably failed to address his people’s demands. Instead he has been unreceptive, thus showing his immature leadership to the people of the Nagaland as well the country, though the present NPF led DAN government have really taken care and extended all possible maximum development within the ENPO as undeveloped area.

With the above mentioned background historical facts, the Naga people who are living in ENPO area at present have totally lost faith on the rest of the Nagas. And for which they have started their demand for a separate state to go back to their original stand for a peaceful living, which cannot be denied.

T. L Angami, HQ Razhiiphe, Nagaland.

Via: nnwpsg


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