The “Journey of Common Hope” has tested its time. The quest for the fulfillment of the Naga political aspiration through reconciliation has also reached a fixated point. Ever since the “Covenant of Reconciliation” was signed in June 2009, “in the spirit of love, respect and understanding”, the people began to see new hopes. This culminated in the signing of the “Naga concordant” in August 2011 as “having reconciled on the basis of the historical and political rights” and for which the signatories resolved in principle to work towards “the formation of one Naga National Government for a shared future.”

During the past few months, while pursuing these goals, many overriding events have taken place. Some of them have raised hopes while some of them have also dampened spirits.

Nevertheless, in all the stages of the Journey of Common hope; the Forum for Naga Reconciliation (FNR) acknowledge the priceless contributions made by every leader of the Naga Political groups, people’s organizations, churches, well-wishers, individuals and onlookers both within and without, which enabled the journey to travel to this stage. The magnanimity of the State legislators and parliamentarians before the Government of India, offering to step down in the event of a political solution need to be acknowledged and appreciated not only for the record but also for posterity to remember. Likewise, the commitments of the Naga Political Groups to stand by the Naga Concordant as expressed before God and the Naga people is a manifestation of the sacrifices they have given to the Naga Nation in the highest and most respectable order.

While it is also true that some unwanted obstacles have occurred in between, faltering the smooth transaction of the reconciliation process, the FNR takes upon itself the responsibility of all acts of commission and omission for those areas which could not be sufficiently monitored or effectively coordinated. In this particular regard, FNR hereby seek sincere apology from the leaders of the NSCN/GPRN, for the media report which quoted Mr. Kitovi Zhimomi, the General Secretary of the GPRN/NSCN as having said that while he supports the alternative arrangement for the Southern Nagas of the present state of Manipur, his government will seek a separate solution for the present state of Nagaland. This statement was quoted out of context causing deep hurt and mistrust. We believe that this can be leveled only when we meet face to face. Mr. Kitovi Zhimomi, General Secretary, GPRN/NSCN, readily agrees to this as well. Further, our apology remains not only for this but for any callousness of words or actions which might have caused similar hurt and distrust.

And as we walk through this opportune moment of our history, FNR reiterates that Reconciliation is for all Nagas and urges the signatories of the “Naga Concordant” to demonstrate their commitments into action according to the need of the moment and enable the Journey of Common Hope reach its desired destination.

Forum for Naga Reconciliation



3 thoughts on “Forum For Naga Reconciliation: An Appraisal

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