In November 1946, Gopinath Bardoloi, the Permier of Assam visited the district. The Nagas respected the Assamese politicians like Gopinath Bardoloi and Bimala Prasad Chaliha, and showed cordiality to Bardoloi in November 1946.

In February 1947, the NNC council passed a resolution at Kohima. As a result of this resolution, on February 20, 1947, it submitted a proposal for interim Government of Nagas, under a “Guardian Power” for a period of ten years. The didn’t explicitly state who the “Guardian Power” should be (Government of India, the Provincial Government or His Majesty’s Government).

In 1947, the Bardoloi sub-committee came to Kohima for discussions with the Naga leaders. The Kohima Central Council of NNC was reluctant to nominate a person for co-option to the Bordoloi subcommittee. The Bardoloi subcommittee was constituted with Mayangnokcha Ao as a member, but he did not accept the position. Hence, Aliba was taken in his place.

When the subcommittee reached Kohima, NNC did not have a permanent president. The committee had received a list of organizations to be interviewed by Pawsey, the deputy subcommissioner, Pawsey. However, Pawsey had left Kohima shortly before the arrival of the subcommittee, on an investigation into a headhunting report received from the unadministered area. Kevichusa Angami, the senior extra assistant commissioner at Kohima, acted as the guardian angel of the NNC.

The secretary of the subcommittee observed:
“ On the whole, the attitude of the NNC and the general atmosphere seemed to have taken an unpleasant turn, since the (Assam) Premier’s visit (in November 1946). It was clearly perceived that the Council was now dominated by certain Angami leaders like Kevichusa and Lungalong and the more reasonable elements were prevented from asserting themselves
(a) on account of the Naga system of not deciding matters by a majority but by a general agreement only, and (b) by the threat of force which seemed to hold the NNC together. ”

The non-Naga groups of Dimapur were also presented before the subcommittee, and spoke against the NNC. The subcommittee did not visit the other subdivision, Mokokchung. The Bordoloi report was vetoed by the Angami member, Kezehol, but accepted by the Sema member, Khetloushe. Khetloushe replaced Kezehol, when the latter resigned during the last meeting of the subcommittee. The Bordoloi subcommittee concluded that “many of them (Naga leaders) were inclined to take moderate views on the lines of the original resolution passed at Wokha, but in view of the intrasigence of certain other members, probably of the Angami group, they were prevented from doing so


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