The Nagaland Public Service Commission was set up in 1965 with a composition of one Chairman and two Members. The composition was revised in 1985 by addition of more Member. In 2007 the strength of members of the Commission was increased to 4 nos. Presently there are 1(one) Chairman and 4(four) Members.

Activities/Functions of the Organization:

  • Release of Advertisement/Notification for direct recruitment and in-service examination.
  • Conduct various competitive examinations for direct recruitment and recruitment by interview only. In addition, Examination for in-service candidates is annually held in phase manner.
  • The Commission also assist UPSC and SSC (Staff Selection Commission) in conducting various examinations.
  • Hold meetings of Departmental Promotion Committees (DPCs) for regularization of officiating promotion of officers and all such case for regular promotion.
  • Examine and give clearance on Departmental Draft Service Rules. 
  • Appointment & extension of contract services and absorption of deputation services received from various Government Departments.

The Commission consists of a Chairman and 4(four) Members. Its current  chairman and members are-
1. SHRI. KUHUPOYO PUROH Acting Chairman

Constitutional Provisions
Part IV chapter II of the Constituion of India deals with Public Service Commissions. The relevant Articles are Articles 315 to Article 323. The salient features are as follows:-

  • Article 315 (I) states that there shall be a Public Service Commission for each state.
  • Article 315 gives the functions of the State Public Service Commission.
  • Article320 (I) enjoins upon the State Public Service Commission to conduct examination for appointments to the services of the state.
  • Article 320 (3) (a) states that the State Public Service Commission shall be conducted by the Government on all matters relating to methods of recruitment to Civil Services and for Civil Posts.
  • Article 320 (3) (b) states that the State Public Service Commission shall be consulted on the principles to be followed in making appointments to Civil services and posts and in making promotions and transfer from one service to another and on the suitability of candidates for such appointment, promotions or transfer.
  • Article 320 (3) (c) states that the State Public Service Commission shall be consulted in all disciplinary matters affecting on a person serving under the State Government.

Past Chariman
1. Shri K. Sachidanandam 03.03.66 -23.02.67
2. Shri R. Ramaswamy 04.05.67- 02.12.69
3. Smti B. Khongmen 19.12.70 -24.06.73
4. Shri L. M. Bhatia 16.07.73 -24.03.75
5. Shri K. Abraham I.A.S.(Retd) 17.11.75- 02.12.79
6. Shri H. S. Butalia 18.07.80 -02.08.83
7. Shri K. M. Mirani 11.02.85 -12.12.86
8. Shri P. P. Nayyar 17.11.88- 31.10.89
9. Shri I. Longkumar 23.11.89- 14.04.93
10. Shri S. K. Sarkar 12.08.93 -21.10.95
11. Shri L. B. Pariyar 24.07.97- 16.01.98
12. Shri R. Kevichusa 01.11.01- 20.10.03
13. Shri K. M. Chadha 22.12.04 -24.11.06
14. Shri Dr. V. Hokuto Zhimomi 11.12.06- 09.08.12


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