The Nagaland Industrial Development Corporation Limited (NIDC) is a Government of Nagaland undertaking, incorporated on March 26, 1970 with a mandate to assist, develop and promote industrial growth in the State.
Besides funding long-term needs of industrial ventures by way of loans and capital infusion, NIDC is instrumental in development of infrastructure, providing technical and commercial know-how to entrepreneurs.
NIDC operates as a dual function IDC in the absence of a separate State Financial Corporation in the state.
In the backdrop of the liberalized National economy, NIDC is undergoing organizational and operational restructuring to meet the demands of a dynamic economy.

“To facilitate rapid and sustained industrial development in the State through enhanced investment, an investor friendly environment, provision of infrastructure and institutional support, attractive incentive package and optimum utilization of existing resources in order to gainfully exploit emerging opportunities in the national and international markets and generate substantial income and employment avenues for the people of Nagaland”.

The NIDC with the full support of the State Government is committed to fulfill its role towards creating a conducive environment for the development of the state’s economy through selective and planned industrial growth and at the same time preserve the rich heritage of cultural and traditional diversities and the fragile eco-system.

NIDC is open to partnerships in the development and growth of industries in the state and invite participation of investors and entrepreneurs in such sectors like infrastructure development, power, transport & communication, healthcare, warehousing, housing development, information technology, fruits & vegetable processing, meat processing, tourism development, floriculture, horticulture and a host of agro-based industries.

*To create conditions for rapid industrial development and a climate conducive for investment.
*Create gainful employment opportunities for local population.
*Develop human resources and bring about improvement in the quality of life by promoting industrial ventures in sectors in which the State has a comparative advantage.
*Develop entrepreneurial and other technical skills of the available human resources by setting up training centers in relevant sectors as also by enlisting support from reputed national and regional training centers.
*Develop industrial infrastructure in selected areas by providing common facilities in a compact area for specialized categories of industrial units. Provide other critical infrastructure such as power, water, communications, etc.
*Promote export-oriented industries with a view to exploit the emerging market opportunities in the neighboring countries.
*Develop marketing facilities for industrial products.
*Encourage large and medium scale mother industries in the public, private, joint and assisted sectors to create an industrial base making use of the available resource base of the State in selective categories compatible with the local environment and ecology.
*Develop village and Small Scale Service and Business Enterprises (SSSBE) to provide self-employment to unemployed youth.
* Develop and promote Tourism Industry in the State.
* Revive and rehabilitate sick industrial units in the State.
* Develop food-processing industry by facilitating forward and backward linkages.
* Expedite formalization and development of cross border trade with Myanmar.
* Provide investor friendly environment by removing procedural bottlenecks and legal hurdles.

Thrust areas :
* Food Processing Industries
* Tourism Industry
* Agro-based Industries
* Mineral based Industries
* Handloom and Handicrafts
* Sericulture
* Floriculture
* Electronics and Information Technology
* Pharmaceuticals
* Petrochemicals
* Bio-tech Industries


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