The State Vigilance Commission was established by a Resolution of the State govt. vide dated 9th April, 1976. The jurisdiction of the Commission covers the entire state of Nagaland and it functions as an autonomous organization. The Commission is not subordinate to any other departments and has the same measure of independence and autonomy as the State Public Service Commission. The Vigilance Commission is empowered to enquire into complaints of corruption, misconduct and misdemeanors on the part of the public servants as also cases where the public servants exercises or refrains from exercising his powers for improper purposes. The reason that the Vigilance Commission has been created as an autonomous body is that; to ensure that it is not vulnerable to any outside influence such as bureaucratic, political or otherwise. It is external to the administration and operationally independent of both the legislature and the executive.

Presently the State Vigilance Commission is functioning with the following wings attached to its set-up: (i) Administrative Wing; (ii) Tribunal Wing; (iii) Investigating Wing and (iv) Technical Wing.

The Administrative Wing deals with the internal administration like appointments, coordination with other departments, trainings, and financial administration of the Commission. The Technical Wing assists the Investigation Wing in Technical matters like assessing the value/costs of the works executed or the buildings constructed. The Tribunal for Disciplinary Proceedings conducts the departmental enquiries referred to him by various govt. departments in addition to his duties in conducting the preliminary enquiries investigated by the Investigation Wing. The Director of Vigilance & Anti Corruption has been declared as the Officer-in-Charge of The Vigilance Police Station who is empowered to function as Police Officer with jurisdiction to investigate into the offences under the Prevention of Corruption Act, 1988 and certain Sections of the IPC and any other offences that may be specified by the State Govt. At the top of the hierarchy is the Vigilance Commissioner under whose guidance and directions the four Wings of the State Vigilance Commission functions.

Mission Statement:
The State Vigilance Commission is no longer a mere advisory body but acts as the force to counter all sophisticated white collar crimes in govt. departments.
1. Our mission is to contain or if possible to weed out corruption from all govt. establishments.
2. To develop the Commission and to act as the watch-dog of the govt. in order to bring about transparency and accountability in govt. functioning.

Core Values:
We believe in Honesty, Integrity and Sincerity and to create awareness among the govt. servants as well as the general public about the need to foster economic development in a transparent manner.


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