The Government of India welcomes the steps intended to bring about peace in Nagaland and with this object in view, as already stated, they will depute representatives, with whom will be associated the representatives of the Government of Nagaland, to take part in talks with leaders of the underground.

To facilitate these talks and taking note of the letter of August 10, 1964, referred to above, it has been ordered that with effect from September 6, 1964, and for a period thereafter of one month at present, the security forces will not undertake:
a. jungle operations;
b. raiding of camps of the underground;
c. patrolling beyond one thousand yards of Security posts;
d. searching of villages;
e. aerial action;
f. arrests; and
g. imposition of labour by way of punishment.

During this period fines connected with allegation of complicity with underground activities will be imposed.

2. (a) Operations will be suspended as above on the understanding that the underground have accepted that during this period they will refrain from:
(i) sniping and ambushing;
(ii) imposition of fines;
(iii) kidnapping and recruiting;
(iv) sabotage activities;
(v) raiding and firing on Security posts, towns and administrative centres; and
(vi) moving with arms or in uniform in towns, villages and administrative centres, wherever there are Security posts and approaching within one thousand yards of Security posts.
(b) The assurance, contained in para 5 of the letter of August 10, 1964 is noted that during this period, the Underground will refrain from moving with arms or in uniform in towns and villages and within a radius of one thousand yards of security posts. The understanding is confirmed that special arrangements may be made in cases where movement with arms or in uniform becomes necessary in any area where there may be risk of encounter with security forces, e.g. along or across or bridges.

3. The arrangement specified above are calculated to preclude any unexpected encounter but in the event of encounter coming about, both sides will during the period of stoppage of operations observe the rule “no firing unless first fired upon”.

4. The assurance is noted that, during the period of stoppage of operations, in order to promote an atmosphere conducive to peaceful occupations and free discussion there will be no parading with arms in inhabited areas where security forces will not be present under this agreement.

5. It has been agreed that on the international border security forces will maintain patrolling to a depth of three miles as the crow flies from the frontier and that arrangements will be made for modification of the zone when the stoppage of operations is effected.

6. The assurance is noted that not arms will be imported from abroad by the Underground during the period of stoppage of operations.

7. During the period of stoppage of operations the Government of India will continue the protection of Army Convoys on maintenance service and the usual road patrolling on either side of the road will continue. The road patrols will withdraw when the last convoy of the day has passed. The Underground may move about freely on the roads when the convoy has passed the locality and also non-convoys days. The days of the week and the particular routes used by the convoys will be practicable. It may be necessary to have emergence convoys for such purposes as evacuation of sick and wounded personnel. It may not be possible to give prior information of these convoys. For such convoys however there will be no road protection parties. They will move self-contained for protection. It is noted that the depth of patrolling on the either side of the road will be one hundred years. This is accepted for the present but 100 years is for practical reason inadequate and therefore this matter also should be kept upon for reconsideration at an early date.


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