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Nagaland Bamboo Development Agency was established pursuant to the notification of the State Bamboo Policy on 15th March 2004 and initiative thereon. The Agency is an autonomous body registered as a society under the Government of Nagaland. The agency is headed by a governing body under the chairmanship of the Hon’ble Chief Minister of the State.

The Govt. of Nagaland has in cognizance of the potential of bamboo and to fully capitalize and exploit the bamboo resource in the state has formulated its bamboo policy which was notified on 15th march 2005’ with the following aims and objectives.

  • Protection & conservation of rich bio-diversity associated with bamboo forest and bamboo growth areas in the state.
  • Sustainable development and utilization of bamboo resources through scientific management.
  • Promotion of bamboo plantation (by government, individuals and communities) as the key thrust areas for future economy of the state.
  • Promotion of bamboo based industries for utilizing the available resources for generating income.
  • Revitalization and promotion of local traditional bamboo craft & art with improved technology & design and value addition for export through industrialized mode of production.
  • Promotion of bamboo as an essential wood substitute by increasing bamboo production and promotion of bamboo based enterprise in the state in order to reduce pressure on forest.
  • Promotion of awareness and understanding of bamboo as “Green Gold” among farmers, traders, industry and the people in the state with a view to utilizing its full potential and to galvanize the rural and industrial economy in the state.
  • Effective exploitation of existing mature bamboos before the impending gregarious flowering.

In tune with the vision statement of the state bamboo policy, the Nagaland Bamboo Development Agency was established with the objective to take up the development of bamboo both as a resource and as an enterprise in a mission mode. The agency is headed by a governing council wherein the Hon’ble Chief Minister of the State is the chairman and the Agriculture Production Commissioner as the member secretary.


  • Propagate selected commercially viable bamboo species with appropriate species-site matching as suitable to the agro climatic conditions prevalent in the State.
  • Facilitate availability of the quality saplings required for the Plantation.
  • Develop plantations and undertake regeneration through scientific management practices.
  • Compact area plantations.
  • Actively involve both the community as well as individuals in the plantation programmes.


  • Trainings and capacity building.
  • Technology sourcing and dissemination.
  • Integrated cluster development approach where series of primary processing units are set up in the cluster areas in close proximity to the resource base.
  • Facilitate availability of finance for enterprise through soft loan provisions.
  • Undertake pilot enterprise projects through Public Private Participation.
  • Facilitate market networking and developments.
  • Facilitate infrastructure for bamboo enterprise development.
  • Promote bamboo high end structural applications

Governing Council headed by the Hon’ble Chief Minister.
a) Task Force on Bamboo as Resource.
b) Task Force on Bamboo as Enterprise.

As envisaged in the statement of the State bamboo policy for implementation of bamboo development in a mission mode, the Nagaland Bamboo Mission Implementation Team was formed with officers drawn from different co-related departments vis-à-vis resource development and enterprise development, of the State Government. This team of officers lead by a team leader has the onus to conceive and formulate action plans, monitor and evaluate all implementation of projects/schemes /activities related to the development of bamboo both as a resource and enterprise in the State approved by the governing council.
At present the team consist of the following members from various department:

  • Shri. Alem Longkumer, Labour & Employement,
  • Er. Y. L Thongtsar, Industries & Commerce .
  • Shri. Kenungoyi Theluo, Treasuries & accounts.
  • Ms. Alemla Aier, Land Resource.
  • Shri. M. Shakiba Yim Wild life & Forestry 
  • Dr. Vikato Sumi, Vetenary & Animal husbandry 
  • Ms. Asula Imlong, Industries & Commerce 
  • Shri. Rokovisa Chase, Cooperation.
  • Shri. M. Kichung Phom, Treasuries & Accounts.
  • Ms. Amongla C, Agriculture .
  • Er. Lipokmeren Ao, PWD (Mech.) 
  • Shri. Kevin Solo, Agriculture 
  • Er. M. Imkonglemba, PWD (Mech.) 
  • Er. Neikerhe Thakhro, PWD (R&B) 
  • Shri. Lipokchuba Yaden, PWD

The task force for development of Bamboo as resource shall consists of the following:

  • Principal Secy. (Forest) – Chairman
  • PCCF – Member Secretary
  • Director (Agri.)
  • Director (Wasteland)
  • Director (Soil &Water Conservation)
  • Director (Horticulture)
  • Director (RD)
  • Director (Industries & Commerce)

The task force shall have as its mandate and agenda to implement the various policies for development of ‘’Bamboo as Resource’’ as outlined in the Policy Statement of the Nagaland Bamboo Policy.

The task force on bamboo as enterprise shall consist of the following:

  • Secretary Industry – Chairman
  • Director (I & C) – Member Secretary
  • PCCF
  • CE, Power
  • CE, R&B
  • MD, NIDC
  • DGM, SBI
  • Representative of CBTC

The Task force shall have as its mandate and agenda to implement the various policies for development of ‘’Bamboo as Enterprise’’ as outlined in the Policy Statement of the Nagaland Bamboo Policy.

Source: Nagaland Bamboo


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