Description :
Irrigation and Flood Control Department was created out of Agriculture Department on 1st April 1998 as an Engineering Department to take up various works in irrigation sector and control of flood erosion in the State. The Department was then headed by a Joint Director, later re-designated as Superintending Engineer. Since then, the Department has grown up gradually and today it is headed by Chief Engineer with sizeable Officers in the rank of Addl. Chief Engineer, Superintending Engineer, Executive Engineer, Sub-Divisional Officers, Junior Engineers, other technical staffs etc in running the Department.

1.To create more irrigation potential through surface & ground water.
2. To bridge the gap between irrigation potential created and potential utilized.
3. To mitigate flood erosion problem.
4. To have sustenance through all round water resources development.

To create infrastructure facilities for providing sustainable irrigation
To mitigate the flood erosion and protect important assets and landed properties.
Grievance redressal mechanism and how to access it:
The citizens can approach the Divisional Offices which are located in all the District head quarters of the State, besides the Chief Engineer Office in the State Capital.
Expectation from citizen :
Citizens are expected to approach the department with their genuine problems so that the department can solve their problems in the best possible manner keeping in view the norms & guidelines adopted.

Services :
a) Service-1:
Construction of minor irrigation projects inclusion surface and ground water.

Service description:

AIBP is a CSS Programme with 90:10 funding pattern between Centre & State. The programme is applicable to schemes having at least 20 ha irrigation potential for individual project and 50 ha for cluster of projects lying within 5 km radius. The cost of cultivation should not exceed Rs.1.50 Lakhs per ha.
How to apply:
Farmers should form water users association (WUA), and submit their application to the Department citing their problems and need.
Supporting documents needed:
No Objection Certificate form the concerned Village Authority.

b) Service-2:
Construction on anti-erosion works.
Service description:
Anti-erosion works are taken up through Flood Management Programme funded from GOI. The programme is implemented where river bank erosion and meandering endangers important assets and landed properties.
How to apply:
Anti-erosion works are costly in nature and cannot be taken up for stream erosion problems. The schemes are therefore identified by the Department and submit proposal to Government on priority basis.


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