The State of Nagaland has 90% of its geographical area under the rural category with 80% of the State population residing in 1110 recognized villages and other settlement. Currently, there are 2,20,545 rural household in the State. The Community Development Programme was introduced in the State since the early fifties. The concept of Rural Development throught active participation of the Village Community began to take shape only during the 7th Plan period and the idea of grass- root level planning and development become a reality in 1980-81 with the constitution of the Village Development Boards (VDBs) in all recognized Villages in the State.

The Department of Rural Development has been involved in the activities of Development of rural areas of Nagaland through the implementation of various Programmes and schemes with the objective of improving the economic and social living standards of the rural poor through employment generation and infrastructural development Programmes. All the activities of the Department are implemented through the grass-root level organization, the Village Development Boards (VDBs), which has been active since its inception, to mobilize resources and implement the scheme through the involvement of Village Community, the activity of which are determined and selected on the basis of their felt need.

The Deptt. of RD has been implementing 8 (eight) major programme through the VDBs, namely;
(i) IAY : Indira Awaas Yojana
(ii) GIA : Grant-in-aid to VDBs
(iii) MCG : Matching Cash Grant
(iv) SGSY : Swaranjayanti Gram Swaorzgar Yojana
(v) NREGS : National Rural Employment Guarantee Scheme
(vi) BRGF : Backward Region Grand Fund
(vii) PMF : Promotion of Micro Financing

Policy Commitment of the Department
1. Strive to achieve total transparency in the utilization and managements of funds and all activities of the Department and involving the VBDs in all implementation process.
2. National Rural Employment Guarantee Scheme (NREGS) implementing in consonance with the enforcement of the section 4 of the National Employment Guarantee Act 2005 (NREGA) and implementing in the entire District. The Programme is targeted to provide 100 days employment in financial year to every household in rural areas.
3. Provide household to all shelter less rural BPL/poor people through the IAY scheme.
4. Provide Village level priority infrastructural facility like Schools, Community Halls, Drinking Water and implement income generation activities to uplift the socio-economic conditions of the rural poor and improve their living standards.
5. Supplement the public transportation system through purchase of VBD buses.
6. Mobilize rural area resources through implementation of National Saving
Certificate Scheme and the MCG.
7. Strive to declare VDB as Non- Banking Institutions.
8. Adopt measures to enhance the activity capacity of VDB

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