A statutory body constituted by the State Government under the Nagaland Legislative Assembly Act of 1978 which started functioning since January 1979.


  • To ensure employment at the doorsteps.
  • To ensure production by the masses in the manner of self-employment.
  • To harness human technology.
  • To preserve environment.
  • To impart dignity of labour.
  • To manage with low capital.
  • To rejuvenate rural economy.
  • To act as bulwark against migration of population to city slums.
  • To promote decentralized economic activities.
  • To allocate prized assets among the dispossessed humanity.
  • To invite participation of women in economic activity.


  • The Nagaland Khadi and Village Industries Board/Khadi and V.I. Commission have set before it the vision of Mahatma Gandhi to uplift the economy of the rural people and attain self reliance among themselves through cottage and tiny industries through assistances for sustaining their rural industries and thereby generate gainful opportunities for their self employment.
  • The Board/Commission has also planned an exposition of the self reliant KVI activities for the youth in order to generate awareness of the multifaceted rural development programme as an avenue for self employment and rural industrialization, thus carving the route to national prosperity.


  • To create employment opportunities in the non-farming sector in the rural areas at wages/earning which are, at least, comparable to the prevailing levels of wages in the farm sector during the non ?peak season.
  • To produce saleable articles or to provide service for which there is effective demand.
  • To support rural development in its widest sense and to improve the quality of life.
  • Nagaland Khadi & Village Industries Board has also set the following Broad objectives in the line with KVI C functioning which is the guiding principles of programme implementation: –
  • The social objective of providing gainful employment opportunity in the village level and to build up stable rural economy.
  • To provide training facilities to the rural artisans to create self-employment at the rural level.
  • The technical objective of improving the skill of existing artisans and transfer of improving technology to the rural people.
  • To achieve the goal of rural industrialization.


  • The Mission of Nagaland Khadi and Village Industries Board is mainly to implement the Khadi and Village Industries programmes in the rural areas of the State under the guidelines of KVIC from time to time depending on the pattern of assistance framed against each scheme.

Type of scheme which are being implemented by the Board under KVIC norms.

  • Prime Minister’ss Employment Generation Programme (PMEGP) : Applicable for individual, society, institution, unemployed youth etc.
  • Scheme of fund for Regeneration of Traditional Industries (SFURTI) : Any traditional industry working in a cluster consists of more than 250 workers is eligible.
  • Production, Design, Intervention & Packaging (PRODIP) : For promoting the research and development.
  • Rural Industries Service Centre (RISC) : Any traditional industry running more than 3 years and extending servicing facilities to other units are eligible.
  • Rural Industries Consultancy Cell (RICS) : The RICS cell provides guidelines and promotes the preparation of project profile under any scheme within the purview of KVIC implementation programme.

Activities of the Board:

  • Training programme:
  • Exhibition
  • Awareness Camp
  • People Education Programme
  • Publicity & Information.
  • Skilled Development

Training Centre:
Board is having a Multi-Disciplinary Training Centre at Nagarjan, Dimapur to provide training facilities to the interested local artisans.

Bee keeping Farm:
Board is having a Bee-keeping Farm at Atoizu under Zunheboto District to promote and rear and distribution of bee colonies.

Apis Cerana Bee- breeding Centre:
Board has established bee breeding centre at Viswema to distribute the colonies within the area with a minimum prize under guideline of KVIC.


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