Background :
The Department for Development of Underdeveloped Areas, particularly for Tuensang (undivided) and Mon districts (DUDA), was established in 2003 vide Government Notification No. AR-6/4/78 dated 23.6.2003. It became functional with manpower drawn from the Departments of Planning & Co-ordination and attaching an Engineering Division from PWD.

This Department, which was established to cater to the special needs of the underdeveloped areas, aspires to and hopes to improve the condition of the backward areas and accelerate the pace of development, thereby bringing them at par with the rest of the State in the near future

The Department looks after various development programmes such as the Development of Underdeveloped Areas Programme (UDAP) for the underdeveloped districts of Mon, Tuensang, Longleng and Kiphire. Some designated backward pockets in other districts also fall under its purview, such as Peren & Tening (Peren District), Bhandari (Wokha District), Meluri (Phek District) and Aghunato & Satoi (Zunheboto District).

The Department also implements the Border Area Development Programme (BADP) for the seven RD blocks sharing international boundary with Myanmar. These are Noklak & Thonoknyu (Tuensang); Phomching, Tobu & Chen (Mon); Meluri (Phek) & Pungro (Kiphire) 2.2. Department of Underdeveloped Areas deals with:-

  • Reservation Policy for backward tribes.
  • P.M’s package related to Tuensang-Mon (Nodal Deptt.)
  • Development Programmes for Under Developed Areas.
  • CSS Scheme under BADP.
  • Any other activities assigned to the Department.


  • Appointment, Promotion, Transfer and posting, disciplinary action etc. of officers and ministerial staff under DUDA.
  • Formulation and implementation of State and CSS Schemes.
  • To ensure:
  • proper administration of the Department.
  • implementation of job reservation quota for Tuensang, Longleng, Mon and Kiphire districts in various Government services in Nagaland.
  • carry out research and expert studies with a view to bring the above four districts at par with the rest of the State.
  • carry out any other functions/assignments assigned to the Department by the State Government from time to time.

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